KaffaBio Control has developed novel biofungicides for the control of one of the severe problems of coffee farmers i.e., coffee wilt disease that has no solution yet. 

KaffaBio Control is a bio-fungicide formulated from Trichoderma species for the control of Coffee Wilt Disease. The product contains properties that promote coffee plant growth and is hence classified as a biofertilizer.


KaffaBio is prepared in various packages as wettable powder and water dispensable granules that vary based on the market;

1 kg, 5 kg, and 10 kg

Mode of action

KaffaBio utilizes different modes of action like competition with Fusarium xylarioides for space and substrates in the rhizosphere, mycoparasitism and the secretion of cell wall degrading enzymes, production of antifungal substances, growth promotion, solubilization of inorganic nutrients, and induction of systemic resistance.

Our Unique Solutions

Cheap Price ↗

15% – 20% cheaper than existing alternatives.

Strong Networks ↗

Leverage on a distribution network of existing players in the market i.e. plug-and-play model

Farmers’ Capacity Building ↗

Training capacity building for farmers through training on the use of the product.