About Us

KaffaBio Control Agro-Industry Private Limited Company (PLC) is a startup company registered in Ethiopia. The company is in the progress of commercializing effective and sustainable bio-fungicide products for coffee growers to protect their coffee from coffee wilt disease and enhance farmers’ lives.

Our Team

Dr. Tesfaye Alemu

Co-founder & CEO

Dr. Tesfaye Alemu is a Plant Pathologist and Mycologist with extensive experience in fungal biology and an increasing interest in plant diseases caused by different plant pathogens. He has a long-term research goal to understand the biology behind different plant diseases affecting national revenue and use this knowledge to develop and formulate efficient and long-term disease management strategies. Most of the work is related to coffee and ornamental plant diseases caused by fungi and bacteria. Currently, the Kaffabio product was generated through 18 years of research results by Dr. Tesfaye Alemu and his research teams.

Dr. Afrasa Mulatu

Co-founder & Production Manager

Dr. Afrasa Mulatu is a Microbiologist and Chemical Ecologist. His research interest lies in the biological control of plant diseases and the role microbes and their metabolites play in plant health, yield, and quality. His research explores interactions between Trichoderma species, plants, and the environment to identify the best practices for integrating biocontrol into coffee and other crops production systems. His Ph.D. study primarily aimed to develop and formulate bio-fungicides for the control of coffee wilt disease (CWD) collaborating with national and international research partners.